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Yorkare Homes is an award winning care provider based in East Yorkshire. The family company, which has over 30 years experience operating care homes, aim to provide the highest quality care in luxury environments. Magdalen Park and Lindsey Hall won awards for the best new care homes in the UK, at the prestigious Pinders Healthcare Design Awards in London, in 2015 and 2017 respectively. Magdalen Park and Lindsey Hall also became the first private care homes, in Hull and East Yorkshire and North East Lincolnshire respectively, to achieve an Outstanding rating by CQC.

Our Philosophy...

Yorkare Homes aim to provide an individual care package that promotes dignity, independence and varied support in the best environment for each client’s needs, to make this time of their life as enjoyable and safe as possible.


Mum's condition can cause her to be difficult at times. She doesn't make use of the excellent facilities provided as she is happiest in her her own room, in an environment she knows. But I know that staff have encouraged her to take part in activities. I feel secure that she is safe and well cared for, more importantly, she feels safe and although she rarely admits it, I think she is happy.

Terry ( Son of resident on 27th June 2018)

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