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Published 03/07/2019

Last Month our residents had a very special visit from some lovely little Shetland ponies and their friend Pamela the Hedgehog. The day was a huge success and we learnt that many of our residents had dealing with horses/ponies in their younger years.

We find that Pet Therapy has a huge impact on our residents, so we are very grateful to the animal handlers for being able to provide the home with their service. Research show that engagement with animals helps soothe, destress and relax people of all ages. Whilst also encouraging engagement and social interaction.

The residents were thrilled, if not surprised, to see the ponies wandering through the home, but all interacted and petted them gladly. And with the amount of treats they were fed we don’t think they wanted to leave!

One of our residents, Ron, was really amazed by seeing them, his daughter said ‘When he was a young boy he used to ‘drive’ a pony and trap (small trailer) around the villages of East Hull delivering grain and feed to farmers. We hope seeing them brought back a distant memory for him’

The animals had a full tour of the home, making sure no one missed out. Residents who were not in the lounge even had special visits to their rooms. With Mary, a resident and avid animal lover, who was over the moon to see the animals and couldn’t stop loving and kissing them.

Everybody gave a smile and enjoyed a lovely afternoon with the animals and when we went around the next day to show the pictures, they all couldn’t wait to see them and said how much they enjoyed the day.