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Lindsey Hall

Ahoy There, Lindsey

On the 10th February we had a visit from The Grimsby and Cleethorpes Model Boat Club, who kindly brought along their model boat display for our residents to see. 

Both men and women enjoyed looking at the display and learning about the history of the boats and what each type would have been used for. Some residents reminisced as they recognised certain boats or had worked on them in the past. Our Activites Co-ordinator said 'It was a great display enjoyed by all.'

Club member, Graham said  "Displaying our models is nothing new to most of us but this was a new and satisfying experience for me seeing how the models helped trigger memories of those who came along. Pleased to have helped make a difference."

Another club member Mike said "I noticed that one gentleman who was in a wheelchair came and just sat staring at the Clan Ross, our treasurer who was trying to engage with him called me over and it appeared that he was a master in the Clan line and as I was an engineer we got on right away. Towards the end of our allotted time he said we had made his day! Since then we have sent many Merchant Navy books to the home for their library. Knowing how much your residents seem to enjoy our visit we are always happy to oblige."

Thankyou to the club for taking the time to visit the home and we hope to see you return soon.

The club can be found on facebook for anyone interested in more informaton. https://www.facebook.com/groups/364071886988995/


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