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Our Community Engagement 2023

The Yorkare Homes community continues to go from strength to strength.

Through our continued work and support with local schools, groups, foundations, charities, churches and local club sponsorships our Yorkare community continues to grow!

This year our group of care homes, residents and employees have been involved with some wonderful local projects – we cannot wait for another fun packed year in 2024.

Have a local community project that we could get involved with?
Get in touch nicola@yorkarehomes.co.uk

We are really proud of our Community Engagement throughout 2023
Lindsey Hall have a great day at the Lincolnshire Show

As part of the 2024 Yorkare Homes company-wide initiative ‘Inspire 24’ are helping to support residents to achieve things they didn’t think were possible. Dream it, Wish it, Do it. After discussions with residents at Lindsey Hall of their fond memories of the Lincolnshire Show, they decided to make it their mission to visit it…

Yorkare Homes celebrates PRIDE Month

Celebrating PRIDE Month across Yorkare Homes We believe in the power of diversity and inclusion | Our homes celebrate pride and continue our journey toward a more inclusive world. PRIDE MONTH | We stand with the LGBTQ+ community. Vibrant, diverse voices that enrich our lives and our workplace. We strive for equality, acceptance, and love…