Coronavirus Update and Vaccination rollout!

We are delighted to announce that all of our residents across the group have now received (if able to) their first vaccinations and first steps back to normality! We anxiously wait for the dates when the second dose will be available, and we are able to open up again to our much missed family and friends. In the mean time our visiting rooms are still open and residents are utilising the video technology we have available for those who live further away or cannot make it to the Homes.

Our staff teams are now carrying out testing 3 times a week, utilising both PCR and LFD testing devices, and they will continue to follow our strict infection control procedures to protect those they care for and work with.

We wish to thank our residents and families, for their patience and support during this time, and our staff teams, who continue to amaze us with their positive attitudes and high standards of care.

Coronavirus Update – Trips Out!

Since April 12th we took the decision to get our residents back on the road, in our company minibus, and they have been visiting local landmarks and the lovely Yorkshire and Lincolnshire countryside ever since. Trips over the Humber Bridge, to Beverley Westwood and along the coast have been popular so far, especially when the…

Celebrating Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is always a popular day in our Homes for all of our residents, and this year was no different! You may be thinking that surely its only popular for our ladies who have children, however that’s not true! Yes, the mothers in our care were spoiled with presents and family visits, but all…