Family Visiting Rooms

We are creating safe visiting rooms for our residents to be able to enjoy visits again from their loved ones during the Coronavirus Outbreak.

A ground floor bedroom at each Home will be split into two rooms with an airtight Perspex divide, intercom system, and an external door out to the car park.

Jonathan Garton, Operations Director, said ‘In order to help maintain our residents mental well-being we have created visiting rooms within our Homes, which are completely safe for our staff and residents and also for visiting loved ones too. Our teams have been amazing at keeping our residents spirits high throughout this period but our residents are missing visits from their family over the last 10 weeks, and hopefully we have come up with the solution. A trial day was completed at Westfield Park and the visits were a huge success and gave the residents a big boost.’

Extra safety precautions include a full safety guide for visitors, a time table with gaps between slots to maintain social distancing, thorough cleaning schedules completed in between each visit and alcohol gel stations.

Tom Theaker was one of the first residents to trial the new room and he admitted to getting a bit tearful when he first saw his daughter Carol. Tom said ‘It’s absolutely smashing, very clever work!”, and Carol said “This is a brilliant idea, it has really made my day being able to see my dad again, well done to Yorkare Homes you’re doing a fantastic job”.

Pat Hearn visited her father Les and stated ‘What a great job they have done at Westfield Park with the visitors room and what a great idea it is. Have been today to see my dad, he felt better seeing us and we loved seeing him looking so well. With first class precautions in place, he was safe and so were we. Well done to everyone concerned and thank you so much!’

Another family trialled the room and Mike Browne, who visited his father David, said  “They are all doing a fantastic job, we would be lost without them and what a brilliant idea this room is it helps us all to come back together”

Reconnecting Families

Our visiting rooms have continued to be a fantastic boost for both our residents and families over this last week, and have gained the nations attention with coverage on the BBC, Sky News, Daily Mirror and Daily Express. One of the visits included Richard and his daughter Isla visiting his grandmother Jean at Beverley Parklands.…

Residents Musical Treats

The residents and staff at Lindsey Hall have been treated to some musical performances recently, which have really helped maintain the high spirits at the Home. Catherine, a local musician, has kindly come and played her saxophone to the residents at Lindsey Hall at a safe distance in the gardens, taking it in turns to…