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Lindsey Hall

Healthwatch Visit

We are very proud of the report below from the recent North East Lincolnshire Health Watch visit!

Lindsey Hall is a purpose built home opened in late 2016. The home is easily reached by public transport with a large onsite car park. Access was reached via a secure entrance. We were met by Claire (Dementia Care Manager) who informed the team the Home was in a period of transition of a new Manager being put in place. Sue Rollinson is the Clinical lead for the company. Sue is giving managerial support until the new manager commences post at the end of March 2017. The care provider is Yorkare Homes Limited.


The entrance was warm and welcoming with a signing in book and sanitizer which all were easily accessible. Clare was willing to show the team around the building, which she did so enthusiastically. The home has 76 bedrooms but are registered for 79 people because they have 5 premium suites. The 76 bedrooms are all ensuite with 35 residents currently occupying these. 3 of the rooms do not have showers. The building is designed with one area (Haven) being a designated dementia area. All rooms were warm and welcoming, each one being well decorated and all had clear identification on all doors. Residents provide their own television except the residents on short term occupancy where one is provided. Telephone points are in all rooms with personal telephone numbers. Wi Fi is available in all rooms and Sky television is connected also to accommodate those who wish to buy it. The other facilities were well thought out which included a Shop where residents can purchase a good selection of personal items, a well-stocked library which is used by all residents, a public bar where relatives can also use this for private parties with residents for celebrations etc. There is a cinema where selections of films are available as requested and a spacious communal area which is used primarily for large functions. The outside areas are well laid out providing enclosed seating areas accessed independently by residents who have capacity. The laundry and kitchen are all on the second floor not accessible to residents.

Food and Drink

Breakfast times were staggered according to when residents got up. Lunch was 12 midday and consisted of a soup, sandwiches and desert. Evening meals were at 5pm and consisted of a traditional cooked meal with a choice of 2 meals chosen the previous day. Evening staff came around with hot drinks and biscuits, cake etc. Residents have a monthly takeaway. All residents in their own room had jugs of water. Hot drinks were being served whilst we were there. Relatives and friends are encouraged to have meals with residents for a nominal charge.

Safeguarding, Concerns and Complaints Procedure

Staff spoken to said they were aware of the safeguarding policy and how to report it. Staff spoken to also said they were aware of the whistle blowing policy and would feel confident to use it if required.


The staff on duty today were 2 seniors, 1 nurse, 7 carers as well as Clare. Night staff (4) who worked 10pm-7am with 2 extra 7pm-10pm. All staff wore clearly identified name badges and uniforms. Staff were approachable and willing to speak, all were smiling and courteous. The staff we spoke to said all mandatory training was provided prior to taking up the position. Clare informed us the Matrix log was kept up to date by the manager. Staff training was undertaken in house with outside agencies coming in to provide extra training.

Promotion of Privacy, Dignity and Respect

Staff we observed treated all residents with respect observing their privacy, assisting them to accomplish tasks and allowing time for the resident to express preferences. We noticed dignity posters were also displayed.

Recreational Activities

Recreational activities are provided 7 days a week by 2 staff. A weekly plan is given to residents. They do not have access to transport of their own but do use outside facilities when required. This does sometimes limit the time to get out and about.

Medication and Treatment

One resident said she was pleased to keep her GP even though he was in Laceby, staff had been willing to call on him when needed.


We were able to speak with residents who all reported positive comments such as being able to get up when they chose to, there were 2 assisted baths in each area and residents said they were also able to request a bath and it was always given. One resident said she was not happy there, but did say she is never happy where she goes as she does not like leaving home and was returning home the next day. All other residents spoken to said it was lovely and the food and everything was really good.

Relatives and Friends

We were able to speak with a relative who said if he ever did have a concern he was always listened to and it was resolved. Another visitor on the Haven wing along with his Granddaughter were having lunch with one resident. His comments were positive saying it was a lovely place to be and he was always welcome.

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