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Published 07/12/2017

We recently had the Virtual Dementia Tour Bus (VDT) for a visit at Westfield Park. The VDT helps staff and loved ones to truly understand that by making adjustments to our care we can really start to improve the lives of people living with dementia. 

In addition to the attendance of staff and resident’s relatives, we also put an invite out to the local community so that anyone with a family member suffering from dementia could come along too.

The Virtual Dementia Tour is medically and scientifically proven to be the closest that we can give a person with a healthy brain an experience of what dementia might be like.  By understanding dementia from the person's point of view we can change practice, reduce issues and improve their lives.

Our dementia care managers, Mandy said “In my whole experience of working in dementia for the last 20 plus years it was the most powerful training I have ever had” And Penny followed with “It was very physically and mentally engaging, the staff feel they are very lucky to have had the opportunity to complete this training, with one saying the experience was ‘mind-blowing’.”

One staff member who attended said: “The virtual dementia tour is the best training I have had. Even after working in dementia care for many years, I’ve never really had a true understanding until now”

Another of our carers states “It is an amazing insight into how people may live with Dementia.”

One member of the public commented “The tour has helped me understand many of the things my father does, which I didn’t realise were due to his dementia. Its fantastic training and will allow me to help my father a lot more in the future. Thankyou to Westfield for the opportunity”