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Published 02/06/2016

Eileen loves owls. While she has owl brooches, owl ornaments and even owl bags, she had never been close to a real one before. Therefore when, as part of Westfield Park’s “Make a Wish” Scheme, Eileen wished that she could visit some owls the Activity Co-Ordinators got to work.

Our sister home, Magdalen Park, often has Birds of Prey displays which are organised by Debbie who works in the home. Therefore it was arranged that a number of the East Yorkshire Falconry Club birds could make the trip to Goole to visit us.

We kept this as a surprise for Eileen, so she was amazed when on Saturday 21st May a Canadian Eagle Owl, a European Eagle Owl and a Barn Owl walked into her room. Paul, Debbie and Sam who kindly gave their time for free, were only too keen to not only visit Eileen but to visit the rest of the Home too.  Those owls weigh up to 7lb so their arms were probably aching at the end of that visit!  We did take a break for lunch and Eileen came and joined us for more owl chat.  What a thrilling day it was for everyone!