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Published 18/12/2017

Last week at Lindsey Hall we held our first Parent and toddler group. It was a fantastic way to bring different generations together whilst allowing both parents and children from the local community to create new friendships.

We found that it brought out the youth in our residents as they interacted with all of the children. Here’s what a few of our Residents thought to the group,

Ron “I think it is so lovely, it brings back memories.” 

Barbara “It is so lovely to see them all happy and smiling, and there haven’t been any children crying!” 

Margaret “I like to watch the children playing and having fun” 

Colin “It’s nice to see all the children playing together”

It also had a great response from Parents/Grandparents…

Kathleen W “I think it is a brilliant idea to have interaction between two generations” 

Joanne P “I think it’s nice for older people who may not have children in the family to interact with. Lindsey Hall has a lovely spacious area in the street scene where it’s enjoyable to see all the residents and children smiling”     

Catherine R “I think it was a great idea and Rueben really likes the older generation so I brought him in to play. He seems to be really enjoying it!”

One child, Ben, who attended wanted also wanted to say “I like to meet old people and have cuddles with them”

Finally, a staff member from Lindsey Hall commented “We are so pleased with the turnout, we can’t wait until the next group and hope our visitors today enjoyed themselves enough to come back again.”