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Published 30/11/2017

Jack Frost paid us a visit today, so it was only right we gathered a group of residents and went and built snowmen!!

Steph, a member of our activities team, said “Myself and Barry made a snow man which we left near the window of the haven unit. Arthur and Margaret helped make the other, which we have put out the front of the building. Both residents and staff have been going to the dining room to have a look’

When seeing one of the snowmen outside one resident said “He’s cute and I love the nose “. Whilst another responded “Its lovely to be able to do something traditional”

Our resident Margaret who joined in the fun said “Yesterday would have been my late husband’s birthday and he used to love the snow. On his 80th birthday it snowed and he was to unwell to enjoy it, so today I wanted to help make one for him” 

We are glad to see a bit of cold weather didn’t stop the resident’s getting outside and joining in the fun!