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Published 24/07/2018

On Friday 6th July,  we held a surprise party for Marie in the nursing lounge,  to celebrate her 102nd Birthday!

In the past, Marie had mentioned that she enjoyed a singer called Mac, when he had visited the home. We arranged for him to come and put on a special birthday performance for her and the other residents.

The lounge was decorated with balloons and banners, and a big cake was organised.. 

It was hard keeping this as a surprise from Marie as it was our usual Friday Bingo day and she looks forward to it every week. However with the help of Marie’s niece Lydia, we managed to have everyone gathered so that Marie could make her entrance.

As you can see from the picture Marie had a lovely time, as did all the other residents. Marie even had her own chocolates, sherry and shortbread ready to hand out to everyone.

Happy 102nd Birthday Marie and many happy returns!