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Westfield Park

Our resident poet!

Fred Crosswaite, one of the residents in the nursing home, has written this wonderful poem about Westfield Park we wanted to share with you:

If you’re ever near Hook, just take a look at Westfield, for it’s not far away, the residents there are mostly old people in care, who still make the most out of life every day.

The nurses, carers and staff, make everyone laugh and greet everyone by first name,

“Good morning Arnold”, “Good morning Fred”, “There’s biscuits and tea, but you can have coffee instead”.

Then to the others they go, and we all know, they’ll be treated and greeted the same.


They sing hymns every Sunday – any other day is a Fun Day, when they play games or just watch TV.

They can go to their own library to look, and then read a book, or go upstairs to the gym for PT.

Now dinner and tea, it’s amazing to see, how they can handle such a task with such ease.

With all those wheelchairs, hand frames and sticks, everyone has to know all the tricks, for in no time at all everyone’s sitting down waiting with their napkins over their knees.


The evenings are nice, they come round once or twice with coffee, cocoa or tea.

It’s so cosy in there to sit in an armed chair, or to relax on a two seater settee.

When daylight has gone and the lights are switched on, it starts getting much quieter in there.

After the last cup of tea, then you will see, the last two or three leaving their chair.

When night time is through and morning is due, in Westfield it is just one more day,

And those who remain, will never complain, they just live life to the full their own way.

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