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Westfield Park

Poetry challenge

Over the course of 2019 all of our homes have been set a series of challenges to complete, one of which involved a poetry competition.

We asked our residents to write a Valentine’s Day poem to enter the challenge and it turns out we have some talented poets across the homes as we received some wonderful entries.

The residents really got involved in this challenge getting their thinking hats on and reminiscing over coffee.

It was a tough decision to choose a winner as the ones we received were really good and a lot of effort had obviously gone into doing them. The poems made us smile and some made us laugh out loud, especially a rather cheeky entry from a resident at Westfield Park! Well done to everyone who took part!

Below is the winning poem written by Mary Pickard, a resident from Westfield Park.



I remember as a tot being pushed in a pram

And the day I had my first ride on a tram

I remember my first day at school and the kids

The blackboard and chalk, desks with lids


I remember war starting when I was ten

Rations and blackouts, uniforms and men

Gas masks and sirens and very few treats

Searchlights and gunfire that lit up the streets


I remember reaching fourteen and the day I left school

And going to work under the boss’s strict rule

I remember my first date, his hair and his smile

And he tried to kiss me, and I ran a mile


I remember war ending, the tears and the laughter

People together again for ever after

Street parties and flags and God save the king

The youngest to oldest all having a fling


At eighteen I married, became a wife then a mother

We brought them up honest and to care for each other

Time goes so swiftly, how quickly they’ve grown

They’ve left us now and have homes of their own


I remember retirement from work coming so soon

With party and presents and silver balloon

I remember the birth of each grandchild with pride

And pleasure they bring from somewhere inside


I can remember all this with such clarity still

But where are my glasses, and did I take my pill?

I know the face but can’t remember the name

This aging really is a funny old game


Grey hairs and wrinkles with a brain letting me down

I can put up with all that though there’s many a frown

You see, years gone by are still crystal clear

And that’s part of my life I will always hold dear.


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