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Lindsey Hall

Remembrance Service and a Special Anniversary

A lovely article written in the local paper – The Grimsby Telegraph – about our residents who married on Armistice Day 70 years ago and what it means to them.

A married couple from Waltham, who tied the knot on Armistice Day more than 70 years ago, joined fellow residents at a Cleethorpes care home for a poignant remembrance service.

Doris, 92, and Dennis Collins, 94, who now reside together at Lindsey Hall care home on Clee Road, both served during the Second World War and observed a two minutes' silence on what was their 72nd wedding anniversary.

Doris, who joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service during the war, said: "It's very important (that people show their respects on Armistice Day.) "The boys who have served even in the different wars since the Second World War should be remembered after what they have suffered – it's terrible."

The couple were among the many residents at the care home to enjoy the sounds of the North East Lincolnshire Pipe Band, who gave a performance from inside the home's street area.

It was part of a weekend of commemorations at the home to honour those who have served in the forces.

Doris said that she and her husband Dennis, who joined the Royal Navy during the Second World War, decided to get married on Saturday, November 11, 1944 after Dennis learned he would have to serve overseas for a period of time."After we got married we travelled back by train and on the Monday we said our goodbyes to each other," Doris said. "It was very difficult. We sent each other lots of letters." She added: "We have had a happy life together. It's all about give and take and not to expect too much. "You've just got to be satisfied with what you've got."

The couple's daughters, Sandra and Carol, came to visit them at Lindsey Hall. "I think it's absolutely marvelous that they're still together," Sandra said. "They have both worked very hard throughout their lives with them both being in the services. "Having each other for so long has definitely helped them both. They are there for each other and they have always been there for us as well." Carol added: "Some people let their anniversaries come and go but I think the fact that they were married on November 11 makes it all the more special."

Irene Fletcher, activities co-ordinator at Lindsey Hall, said it was important for the home to organise such events as it helps to stimulate the residents. "We did a two minutes' silence and even the ones who couldn't stand very well chose to stand out of respect," she said. "Some residents can remember the war but they can't remember yesterday so events like this are important. "Hopefully the sound of the pipe band will have brought back memories."

John Best, pipe major at the North East Lincolnshire Pipe Band, added: "It's great to be asked to come here and support people in the town."The care home is such an inspiring place – this is the way forward, certainly."


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