Lindsey Hall

Residents Musical Treats

The residents and staff at Lindsey Hall have been treated to some musical performances recently, which have really helped maintain the high spirits at the Home.

Catherine, a local musician, has kindly come and played her saxophone to the residents at Lindsey Hall at a safe distance in the gardens, taking it in turns to play outside a different lounge each week to ensure all residents got a chance to listen to her. The residents have really enjoyed it, especially Anne who was Catherine’s music teacher!

Alex Osborne from the BBC, whose grandparents live at Lindsey Hall, sent in a lovely video of herself playing the violin from her home in Plymouth whilst thanking all of the staff for their hard work. Alex posted this video, which we shared on the Homes Facebook page, on her twitter page, so if you would like to listen please give her a follow…

Colin and Iris, watched proudly as their Granddaughter played her violin live on the BBC TV. Both were so excited and thrilled to be able to see and hear her play.

Thank you to both of these lovely ladies for the appreciation and kindness you have shown our residents and team at Lindsey Hall!

Reconnecting Families

Our visiting rooms have continued to be a fantastic boost for both our residents and families over this last week, and have gained the nations attention with coverage on the BBC, Sky News, Daily Mirror and Daily Express. One of the visits included Richard and his daughter Isla visiting his grandmother Jean at Beverley Parklands.…

Family Visiting Rooms

We are creating safe visiting rooms for our residents to be able to enjoy visits again from their loved ones during the Coronavirus Outbreak. A ground floor bedroom at each Home will be split into two rooms with an airtight Perspex divide, intercom system, and an external door out to the car park. Jonathan Garton,…