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Lindsey Hall

Summer Fair

On 21st July 2018, residents at Lindsey Hall gathered for the Summer Fair. Everyone had a fabulous day and thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment and the chance to catch up with friends and family.

We had karaoke entertainment, a pre-loved sale, many cake, craft and jewellery stalls, a raffle and even a chance to 'Soak the Manager in the Stocks'!

Members of the Knit and Natter group at Lindsey Hall also had a chance to display their hand-made knitted items. They sell what they make and all the proceeds go to their resident's fund!

Thanks to everyone for their effort in making this day special!


National Florist Day 2024

The residents at Magdalen Park had a fantastic time celebrating National Florist Day. The lovely Hayley from rosy and ribbon a local florist, held a flower arranging demonstration and talked all things flowers. During the session the residents worked their magic and produced some lovely arrangements. They were able to talk about their favourite flowers,…

Louth Manor could not arrange a farm visit for residents, so the farm came to the home instead

Brilliant sunshine was an added bonus when a farm day came to Louth Manor Care Home. Originally the home wanted to arrange a visit to a farm for the residents, many of whom are from the local farming community, but with so many wheelchair users and problems of accessibility, it seemed nigh-on impossible. However, Louth…