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Award Ceremonies have been held across every home in our group this week in December 2021 celebrating ‘OUR EVERYDAY CHAMPIONS’

10 Categories, nominees have been put forward by their follow team members, management, residents and families.

The Star Awards for 2021:

  1. The Going the Extra Mile Award: The colleague who goes above and beyond for the residents
  2. The Team Player Award: The colleague who will help out whenever they can, in any role.
  3. The Marvellous Multitasker Award: The colleague who can keep the plates spinning!
  4. The Morale Booster Award: The colleague who keeps morale high, is always positive and makes people look forward to a day at work.
  5. The Behind the Scenes Wonder Award: The colleague who makes everything go smoothly for everyone else.
  6. The Rookie of the Year Award: Fantastic new edition to the team
  7. The Outstanding Innovator Award:  The colleague who comes up with great new ideas
  8. The Calm in the Eye of the Storm Award: The colleague who is resilient when things are hectic.
  9. The Encouraging Word Award: The colleague who recognizes others’ strengths and lets them know when they are doing a great job.
  10. The You Rock Award: The colleague that everyone relies on

Without the hard work, dedication and love from our people for our residents and care homes, the highest levels of care we achieve would not be possible without them! 

WELL DONE to every nominee and CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners!
You are all truly amazing! 


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DUNELM & Beverley Parklands Care Home

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