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Magdalen Park

Triathlon ’10

They did it!!!

We would like to say well done to Fil, Kathy & Jo (Children of one of our residents) who spent last Friday running, biking and swimming a combined distance of 112.5km in their own take on a triathlon, raising awareness for Dementia.

The fabulous event pushed the siblings to their limits and raised around £1200 for our residents fund. We are very grateful for all the hard work that went into the planning and training. £1200 is a fantastic amount of money and will go towards many more events and activities within the home for all our residents to enjoy.

The family's fundraising page stated: "Our dad Barry is 70 this year. He has dementia and has lived in Magdalen Park Nursing Home in Hedon for two years. The staff at Magdalen Park Nursing Home do an amazing job and need funds to keep on providing activities, live music, days out, craft events and much more for Dad and the other residents. We are eternally grateful for what they do!

To raise awareness of dementia and raise funds for the Residents Fund at this fantastic home, we will be doing our own take on a triathlon on 17th November 2017. We have called it Triathlon '10 because all the distances we will do are in multiples of 10."

Their final times:
Fil -100km bike ride – 4 hrs 12 mins
Kathy – 10km run – 1 hr 10 mins 13 secs
Jo – 2.5km swim (100 lengths) – 1 hr 5 mins 52 secs

With a total of…   6 hrs 28 mins and 5 secs!!


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