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Published 18/01/2018

We're delighted to announce that Beverley Parklands has been nominated for the Best New Build Care Home in the UK, 2018, at this year’s prestigious Pinders Healthcare Design Awards.

Laurence Garton, Development Director, said "It's great to see our ideas developed and the Residents enjoying their new home. We look forward to our third outing at the Awards in April, after winning the award previously for Magdalen Park and Lindsey Hall.

Thank you to all the team who have helped bring our vision for the Home into reality as we continue to strive to provide the best care in the best Care environments."

The Pinders Healthcare Design Awards seek to acknowledge the contribution made by designers, architects, and the owners of care homes to the wellbeing and quality of life for those in their care. Whilst architectural standards and innovation are key factors, the overriding test for any project has to be the degree to which it has recognised the needs and desires of the service-users and incorporated these into the final design. The awards also recognise the important contribution made by the owners of all types of care facility – irrespective of size, budget or category of care. The judges will be looking to reward quality of care achieved through good design, rather than design alone.