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Tranby Park

Our Chicks Have Hatched!

After gathering the thoughts and opinions of the wonderful residents at Tranby Park, the decision was made to take a leap into the world of chicken rearing!

All the required equipment was purchased and soon enough we were up and running, with fertilised eggs provided from a very friendly local farmer. 20 days later we had 3 wonderful new chicks who would also call Tranby Park their home.

Shaun, Activity Coordinator at Tranby Park, said ‘An activity was arranged recently to introduce the young chicks to our residents throughout the home. It was a delight to witness the excitement on the faces of them all, many of whom had never held a chick or a chicken in their life before, but you can be sure they’ll all want to have another cuddle very soon. Whilst our fluffy little folk are flourishing, outdoors their new home has been built and is in pride of place in the gardens awaiting their arrival in the coming weeks. Something tells me that this chicken lark is going to be a big success!’

Click on the photos below and check out those beaming smiles!

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