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A day of immersed SENSORY STIMULATION….

A sensory stimulation bus this week paid a visit to all of our residents arranged by our amazing Activities coordinators.

The bus was provided by Evoke Technologies Limited based in Hull and their partner Osborne Technologies of Barnsley who work closely with individuals and businesses to customise a sensory solution and incorporate the latest elements of relevant design for SEN support, their Demo Sensory bus was invited on site this week to the Yorkare Mere Hall Care Home in Hornsea, to provide an immersive experience to our residents. Sensory stimulation is the activation of one or more of the senses such as taste, smell, vision, hearing and touch.

Sarah Sparke from Evoke Technologies said “Our sensory experiences can be tailored around the individuals and what their needs are, the content we use, and project is just downloaded from you tube so its always relevant and on topic”
The Demo bus transported the residents back on board the orient express, along the cliff tops with Vera Lynn, on the decks of the Queen Mary cruise ship, under the sea and alongside tranquil beaches.

Pat one of our residents added “I have been on the bus two times today, I enjoyed it that much, I felt so relaxed and enjoyed the experience so much”

The wrap around projection provides that full visual experience of colour and surroundings, whilst adding effects such as vibration, smoke, and sound to create a true sense stimulating experience.
Yorkare Homes understand that sensory functions of elders deteriorate as they grow older, therefore sensory activities improve the emotional and physical health of people living with dementia.



C H R I S T M A S | T R E E | F E S T I V A L 2021

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Yorkare Homes group now have Defibrillators in every home

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