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Published 03/07/2019

We kicked off our Musical Month of May with a fantastic debut performance from the brilliant Shine Bright Entertainments. As far as performers go, this one-woman show brought to us by Glynis is outstanding.

Residents from both sides of the home came over to the Nursing Lounge to join in the fun and watch ‘Calamity Jane’  in all her glory. We opened up the bar and served refreshments as well as cake and biscuits, so everyone was set to sit back and enjoy.

Staff described the show as ‘A breath of fresh air, Glynis had all of the residents engrossed in the show which brought fun, joy and laughter to all that watched. The audience were heavily involved which really made this act such a hit.’

The Calamity Jane Show, The Deadwood Stage is just one of the shows that Glynis performs, so after such amazing feedback from residents, as well as staff, we didn’t hesitate in booking a return visit.

Upon contacting Glynis about her visit, she was kind enough to send us the following message;

"I love it when people are spontaneous...  In May, Yorkare's Operations Director Jonathan Garton had seen my post on LinkedIn advising that I had a spare slot the following day whilst on tour in Hull. He booked it as a thank you to Westfield Park for their work in preparing for an inspection.

As it was so last minute, the staff had little time to prepare, so the following morning all hands were on deck as the staff rallied round to bring in residents for my Calamity Jane show, The Deadwood Stage.

I got lost en-route and then went to the hospital nearby, so when I arrived, I was slightly stressed. However, I was given the warmest welcome by the receptionist and staff, which helped relax me. There were some residents in the lovely large room already and they were so happy. As I set up, I chatted with them and was delighted that there were several male residents who would serve nicely to play my Henry Miller character and a couple of cowboys.

Once everyone was in, we had a full house and there were lots of staff in attendance, which is always appreciated. I travel all over the UK with shows, but I have to say that the atmosphere at Westfield Park was so fantastic. It helps to have spirited residents, but this is, without question, because of the fun and caring staff. 

The residents made me feel like I was on stage at Wembley Arena and almost everyone joined in with the songs and laughter. 

You honestly have not lived until you have seen a room full of residents cracking their imaginary whips above their heads whilst singing 'whip crack away, whip crack away, whip crack away.' It was a total joy to behold!

Many of the residents knew all the songs from the film, but I also add a few more well-known songs in my Calamity Jane show to tie in the story and I think that everyone sang along to Who's Sorry Now; Crazy and several more. This included the staff and it really helps to create a magical, uplifting experience. There was such a fabulous atmosphere with everyone singing along and that's why it felt like a concert in Wembley.

What touches me the most is when staff members tell me that certain residents don't usually come down, or join in. I spend a lot of time personally engaging with everyone in the audience as have seen incredible results because of it. Westfield Park was no different and the resident that I was informed was usually the most quiet, was the one who joined in the most. What a delight.

I received the loudest cheer and applause at the end of the show and was so happy that I spent a good hour talking with residents afterwards. There was a real party atmosphere and I felt so good. I love performing in care homes because the results can be amazing and I am regularly told that residents talk about the show for a long time afterwards, so entertainment has long-term uplifting benefits.

I cannot tell you how happy I am that I am returning to Westfield Park in August as well as Magdalen Park; Beverley Parklands and Lindsey Hall. So, a big thank you to Jonathan; the staff and especially the residents for being so fabulous. I am so excited to see you soon and look forward to meeting everyone in the other homes on my first visit."

Here at Westfield cannot wait to see what the next show has in store and we know our sister homes will enjoy The Calamity Jane Show just as much as we have!